What to Do Immediately Following An Auto Accident

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An auto accident possesses the potential to be seriously detrimental to a person and affect the rest of their life if they are severely injured. Among the many peripheral side affects of an accident are financial issues. If a person has been critically injured and is unable to work and have medical bills to pay in addition, they may fall into a financial pit.

Furthermore, injuries may pose a threat to relationships with loved ones. Some victims may lose the ability to be intimate with their partner and also seem a burden to their family. Injuries can also interrupt a parent’s ability to take care of their children and even affect life’s every day activities such as sitting for long periods of time, dressing, eating, and other events. Victims will have to make serious life changes and understand that life will be different from than before.

As a result of the above, any victim whether they believe they are injured or not at the time of the accident, should take the next steps listed to make certain they receive the right coverage. Following these next instructions will also increase the chances that a settlement will end favorably with your insurance company.

1. Write Down Contact Information of All People Present

Following the accident it is most stressed that you take down the information from all witnesses at the scene, including names, phone numbers, addresses, and e-mail addresses. These persons who simply saw the accident and were not involved, will be able to recall and tell what occurred at the accident without any sway towards a side.

2. Take Pictures of the Accident

Pictures serve as hard evidence and are not debatable. Having pictures will allow your case to be more convincing and concrete. Taking pictures entails taking photos of

  1. all damage done to all cars involved
  2. all street signs, stop lights, and street dividers that are around the area
  3. all physical injuries you are suffering
  4. any damage to the inside of the vehicles
  5. any particles or parts of objects scattered at the scene 6) and all other things you believe will be helpful in arguing your case.

3. See a Doctor

Once again, make sure to see a doctor immediately after an accident. It is common to believe you are not injured at the scene of the accident due to the adrenaline and the after-shock of the accident, but you may feel the affects a day or more later. It often takes time for bruising, swelling and other injuries to appear.

It is also important to go to the doctor to show that you were in fact seriously injured. It will provide concrete evidence for your settlement. This medical evidence will be key in obtaining a settlement for your benefit.

4. Explain Your Injuries in Detail

When at the doctors do not exaggerate your pain, but do not undermine it either. Be clear and detailed in your description. Do not have the mindset that the pain you are feeling will just wear off. If you do not tell the severity of your injuries clearly, you run the risk of not receiving proper compensation. The evidence for every injury is important for the insurance company to be certain the injuries were a result of the accident.

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