Remembering the Important Facts of Your Connecticut Car Accident

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Remembering the important facts of your Connecticut car accident is actually more difficult than it seems.  It is a day you ultimatley want to forget but the noise of the skreeching brakes, the "BOOM!" of the cars colliding,  is still quite loud in your head. These noises combined with the emional and physical pain one experiences after a car accident can interfere with the important fact finding information that led to your accident.

Preserve the Evidence

"Preserve the evidence" is a term often heard in a lawyers office.  It is very important to the success of a case that evidence is not tampered with.  This includes car accidents.  If you or a loved one is in a car accident or even a witness to a car accident take pictures at the scene!  Taking pictures of the vehicle damage inside the car and out, skid marks or lack there of, and any debris in the area are very useful tools in a car accident case.

Remembering the Accident

Remembering what caused the accident.  This again, can be more difficult than one thinks and you may not rmember all of the facts at the scene.  If you do remeber additional information which led to the Connecticut car accident it is imperative that you speak with the police officer who wrote the accident report and correct any information that needs to be changed.