What to Do If Involved in a Fender Bender

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At the first sight or realization of a car accident, the first step would be to call the police. A police official will be the person with the most experience and highly trained in this area in order to handle the situation properly. A police officer will be able to make sure both parties receive the information they need in a peaceable manner, block off the scene of the wreck, call for medical aide, and record the event.

The Police Report

If someone has been injured or a car has been wrecked, an official will proceed to write a police report. This police report plays a key role in the claims process and is a deciding factor as to the outcome of the case. Make certain to ask the police officer for his name, number, and the agency he or she is a part of. Ask for a copy of the police report after the officer is finished and also try and get the report number. You may be charged a small fee for the police report, but it will serve you a great deal as you proceed with litigations.

You may ask, but what if I was involved in a fender bender and no one is hurt? Nevertheless it is important to call a police official to the scene. People can get pretty upset even over a fender bender and not cooperate with the sharing of information and so an official can calm the scene and run things smoothly. If the accident occurs in a busy city, an officer may deny coming to the scene and recommend that you exchange information with the other driver. They also may come, but it could take a while since a fender bender is not top priority.

Information to Obtain

In any case, if the officer denies coming, what information is important to obtain from the other driver?

  1. Name
  2. Address
  3. Phone numbers
  4. Car Insurance company
  5. Policy number
  6. Name, address and phone number of insurance worker that you should specifically talk to regarding the incident
  7. License plate number and state in which the car is registered.

Ask the other driver involved for their license and insurance card in order to copy the information down. You do not want to run the risk of having the wrong information by word of mouth. It is important to view the documents so you are certain the information you are receiving is correct. Ask them to also verify the information and if they will not, contact the police. In the case that you believe the information is false, personally call the insurance company at the scene to verify the information. Do not explain the accident in detail, only the overview, you will call after the incident is cleared and explain then.

If you are waiting for the police to arrive, in the mean time you should be assisting anyone injured and making sure nothing else happens and work on getting information and recording it.

Do not make any agreements with the other people involved.

Talk about the incident only with the police officer and report honestly what happened.