Average Rear End Collision Settlement

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Statistically, the most common claim made on car insurance is for a rear end collision. Settlement varies in degrees depending upon legal representation and total harm done. The average rear end collision settlement has more than 1 factor operating to affect the settlement process.

Rear End Collision – The Facts

According to the latest statistics, there are approximately 6.3 million automobile accidents in the United States. Of this total, approximately 2.5 million consist of rear end collisions. This makes it the most common type of car accident in the country. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) finds them to be one of the more common types of multiple car collision accidents.

The NHTSA also notes that rear end car collisions are also responsible for the largest claims of whiplash. This accounts for the colloquial name for rear end collisions – “whiplash accidents.” Other possible injuries are

  • Other types of neck injuries
  • Back injuries

It is very important you document any form of personal injury as well as the impact on your vehicle. You will need this if you wish to reach a beneficial settlement.

Settlements – Description

A settlement is the resolving of a matter. It usually indicates a mutually negotiated compromise reached in a civil suit. This process eliminates the need to go before a judiciary official. Individuals favour settlements for several reasons:

  • They avoid court and the accompanying costs
  • Can decrease the stress
  • Less expensive than a law suit
  • If they involve a compromise, it is a win-win situation
  • Can address different aspects of the accident, e.g. pain, suffering, lost wages

The ability to reach a settlement, however, is governed by state laws. It is necessary to understand the type of accident insurance at work as these will have an impact upon your claim. A skilled lawyer will provide you with the necessary information to help you make an informed decision.

Reaching a Settlement

Reaching the average rear-end collision settlement involves understanding the result of the accident and the optional methods of reaching it. You must either compile the elements of the accident e.g. medical bills, lost income and damages from pain and suffering together or evaluate the same factors on a per day basis. This will provide you with the average amount of the settlement. The settlement will also depend on who is to blame for the accident. (Learn more about rear-end collision fault.)

The actual process of settlement may involve either arbitration or mediation. Each has its own advantages. Consult with an experienced accident lawyer about your best options for obtaining an amenable rear end collision settlement.