Dealing with an Insurance Adjuster in an Accident Claim

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Dealing with an insurance adjuster in an accident claim can be a difficult process, in large part because your goals and needs and the goals of your insurance adjuster are directly at odds. Your goals for recovering after an accident are to be fully compensated for all of your losses, including property damage and injury. Your adjusters goals are to keep costs to a minimum and save money for the insurance company.

Dealing with an Insurance Adjuster in an Accident Claim

The first key to dealing with an insurance adjuster in an accident claim is to understand your policy and your limits. Your policy should contain specific language explaining what types of situations are covered and what your limits are for collision coverage, liability coverage, comprehensive coverage, personal injury protection and other related types of coverage. You will want to make sure you know all of this information so you can have a good idea both of what you are entitled to as well as what the process is for proving your damages and what the maximum amount you can recover within your policy limits is.

You also need to ensure you file claims handling procedures appropriately and that you keep all paperwork and requests. In many cases, you have a certain time frame in which to do things. If you are going to be dealing with an insurance adjuster for the insurance company of a person who hit you and caused an accident, you also have to remember that if you decide to sue, you have only a limited time frame as well- often two years. By following the proper procedures and doing things in a timely manner, you will protect your right to recover. By ensuring you keep everything you have filled out and submitted, you also avoid the possibility of the adjuster claiming they never received something.

Keeping records of your damages and injury are also important. In addition to recording any repair bills or costs associated with the accident and property loss, you will also want to keep detailed records of lost wages and medical bills. If you wish to recover damages for pain and suffering from the insurance company of someone who hit you and injured you, it may also be a good idea to keep a pain journal to strengthen your case.

Getting Help

One of the best methods of dealing with an insurance adjuster in an accident claim is to hire an attorney. Whether you are just negotiating with your own insurer or another parties insurer, or whether you decide to file a claim in court, an attorney understands the law and is experienced in negotiation and can help you through the process.