Getting A Reasonable Settlement for An Auto Accident with Minor Injuries

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Getting a reasonable settlement for an auto accident with minor issues is a top concern for an injured driver. When you are on the road, car accidents can happen.  Sometimes they are avoidable and other times they are unavoidable.  If you are involved in a car accident, there is a good chance that your insurance company or the other party’s insurance company will get involved.  There are claims to be filed, damage to be repaired and, of course, settlements to be taken care of. 

Getting a Reasonable Settlement

In order for a settlement to be resolved the idea of liability comes in to play.  Liability refers to the notions of fault and negligence.  Most states have insurance laws in place that require the liability within a car accident to be documented.  Questions of liability include, who was at fault, and who was being careless or negligent. The answers to these questions determine which party will be held liable for damages. 

Once liability is established, then claims for settlement can be sent in.  While some of this information is based on the events reported by the claimants, much of the determination of liability or negligence is based on the police report, any photos of the damage to the car or cars and an expert medical assessment.

Determining Settlement Value

In cases where there are minor injuries incurred by one or both parties involved in the car accident, then the insurance company will attempt to determine the accident settlement value.  Insurance companies determine the value of a settlement by reviewing any medical bills, lost income, and pain and suffering damages that were incurred by either party.  Verification is strongly recommended, for without it, no insurance company will provide any settlement.

Your settlement value is calculated by assigning a per diem to your pain and suffering.  A per diem is a monetary figure that sums up the amount of damages that has accrued per day since the accident.  Factors taken into consideration include: how much time off you may have missed from work, any medical bills that you have accrued and the nature of your injury, coupled with your pain and suffering.  These factors are considered in order to arrive at a per day rate that you have suffered from your injuries as a result of the car accident.  For example, if you were in a car accident one month ago and since that time you have missed two days off from work per week for minor injury-based physical therapy services, then all of these factors will be taken into account by the insurance company in calculating your settlement. 

Make sure that you keep copies of all medical bills, doctor’s assessments, and time off requests.

When to Get Legal Help

If you have additional questions about possible car accident related settlements for minor injuries, consult with an attorney. Getting a reasonable settlement for an auto accident with minor injuries is easier if you have an advocate on your side to help who knows the law and who knows how to negotiate effectively with insurance companies.