Handling a Low-Ball Offer from an Accident Insurance Adjuster

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If a car accident has left you with a damaged car or totalled car, then you will likely need a fair settlement to be able to afford the purchase of a replacement vehicle or the cost of repairing your damaged vehicle. Some auto insurance adjusters do not value cars fairly in an attempt to save money for their company. Car values are pretty widely standardized by blue book values and other means, so a low-ball offer is fairly easy to detect.

How to Handle Your Accident Insurance Adjuster

You have been in an accident and finally received the rate from your adjuster for your damaged vehicle. Now what? Is the offer too low? If so, then you have options. You do not have to accept a low-ball offer just because it is made by an adjuster. Here are some steps you can take to improve your settlement:

  • Get the facts about the value of your damaged property. Do your research and find out how much a car that is in similar condition to yours of the same make and model is worth. You can likely do this research on-line if you have access to the Internet. Make a copy of the evidence of your car's value.
  • Enlist the help of a legal professional to counter the offer of the adjuster if you feel that it is unfair.
  • Negotiate with the adjuster. Decline the offer you were given. Tell the adjuster that it is way too low and that you have evidence that your car was worth more than he has declared.
  • If you had a classic car that was damaged, the value may be much higher than blue book, so you will need to work extra hard to prove this fact. One thing you could do before an accident occurs that would help is to insure it for what it should be valued at and have your insurance company indicate that it is a classic and state its value.

Getting Legal Help

If you would like help dealing with an accident insurance adjuster who is trying to low-ball you as to your insurance claim, an experienced accident attorney can help you handle the situation. An attorney is skilled in negotiating and dealing with people and companies. As a result, an attorney can be more effective than most individuals in dealing with insurance claims that are not being adequately paid.