How to Negotiate with an Insurance Claims Adjuster After an Accident

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An insurance claims adjuster is the representative that most accident victims work with to settle a claim following an accident. In order to obtain the best settlement possible it is important for victims to understand how to properly negotiate with an insurance company.

Everything a victim says, does and provides to the insurance company can have an impact on the ultimate settlement offer. The insurance claims adjuster is tasked with the job of keeping as much money for his or her company as possible. With this in mind, victims need to educate themselves on how to handle the negotiation phase. The following tips can help when working with an insurance claims adjuster.

Keep it Professional

An insurance claims adjuster might be a perfectly nice human being, but this person is not a victim’s friend. Keep all correspondence and conversations on task and professional.

Provide Requested Documentation

As a claim works toward the settlement phase, an insurance claims adjuster may request documentation related to the case. Make sure to provide such items as:

  • Medical reports
  • Medical bills
  • Testing results
  • Copies of invoices related to other expenses

Request a Settlement Properly

If the victim is the one initiating the settlement request, a letter documenting that request will need to be sent to the insurance claims adjuster. Make sure the letter includes such points as:

  • A brief detailing of the accident information
  • A narrative, with supporting documentation, related to all automobile expenses and bills
  • A narrative of the injuries involved in the claim and the medical documentation to support the statements
  • A detailing of anticipated future expenses, lost wages and other costs incurred by the victim
  • A statement of the requested pain and suffering payment

Do make sure the settlement request is reasonable in light of payments already made by the insurance company. Keep in mind the policy limits can restrict how much money is available to pay out a settlement, as well.

Don’t Settle Easily

Unless an insurance claims adjuster accepts the request in full or offers the desired amount, claimants can expect to have to negotiate to get the amount they are after. If an adjuster will not budget on an amount, ask to speak to a supervisor. If this does not provide positive results, consider mediation or legal representation.

Get Legal Representation

Working with an insurance claims adjuster can be a frustrating process for a person who has been injured in a crash. Hiring legal representation can take this burden off a victim’s shoulders while ensuring a claim gets proper attention. Nothing can replace sound legal advice following a car crash.