Steps to Negotiating a Car Accident Settlement

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Car accidents can happen to anyone. When one occurs, you need to ensure you are ready to negotiate the best settlement feasible. In order to accomplish this, you need to look at a several aspects of the matter including the original filing of the case.

Filing The Claim

Filing the insurance claim is the first step in negotiating a car accident settlement. If you file a poor claim, your insurance company will reject it. To increase your chances to collect a car accident settlement, adopt the following pattern:

  • Call police immediately after the accident
  • Make sure a doctor or medical personnel examines you thoroughly or see your own doctor. Do follow-ups
  • Call your insurance provider
  • Examine your policy to make certain the accident is covered and verify for how much, any provisos, etc.
  • Compile extensive data on any adverse affects the accident has on your life including physical, emotional, psychological and financial
  • File the claim within the mandated period of time

The Settlement Offer

The settlement offer is the amount of compensation the insurance company is offering. Read it over very carefully. Do not sign it until you are sure you understand all the ramifications. Ask yourself if it:

  • covers my medical bills
  • allows for any pain and suffering and/or
  • addresses any economic loss relating to the car accident?

If the settlement does not meet these and any other requirements, you can negotiate.


If the first settlement offer is low, contact the insurance company. Ask for their rationale behind the settlement. It could be you did not supply sufficient data. It could also be that their “expert” claims your information is inflated or irrelevant.

If this happens, you can begin negotiations by looking at your original claim. See what you left out and what they say you did. You can then adopt the following approaches:

  • Prepare a counter offer - Supply more information. Be exact and include more experts.
  • Ask to speak to the adjuster’s superiors. They are the ones with actual authority
  • Make sure the company is not misrepresenting your policy. If so, file a complaint
  • Request another form of dispute resolution
  • Hire a car accident attorney

Calling In A Lawyer

Negotiating a car accident settlement can become complex. To ensure you receive sufficient compensation, contact a lawyer. A reputable attorney will work to negotiate a fair and just settlement.