What is a Car Accident Multiplier and How is it Used in Settlement?

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A car accident multiplier is a value that is used as a multiplier to the provable damages in an automobile accident.  It is part of the BASE formula that was created by Dan Baldyga, an expert in evaluating personal injury accident claims.  The BASE formula is used to estimate the values of accident claims.  It is dependent upon four BASE values.

The 4 BASE Values and Their Multipliers

  • Low = 2
  • Middle = 3
  • Mean = 3.5
  • Premium = 4

The four values correspond to the car accident multipliers shown.  Those four multipliers will be used to calculate the provable damages in an automobile accident.

Provable Damages

Provable damages include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Medical bills
  • Ambulance bills
  • Prescription bills
  • Medical equipment bills
  • Lost income

Once you establish the provable damages, you will multiply that total amount by each of the four BASE value multipliers to arrive at the low, middle, mean and premium values of the case.  

You then need to consider the variables that affect the pain and suffering component of an automobile accident case.  The exact variables vary by case, but generally include the categories that follow.

Pain and Suffering Categories

  • How severe the injuries are.
  • The degree of treatment that is used for plaintiff’s injuries.
  • Whether plaintiff will be scarred or disfigured permanently.
  • Whether plaintiff will make a full recovery.
  • Whether plaintiff followed the prescribed plan of medical treatment.
  • The degree of emotional distress experienced by the plaintiff due to the injuries.
  • Plaintiff and defendant’s personal character and credibility as witnesses.
  • What the plaintiff’s age, occupation and marital status are.
  • What the driving records of both the plaintiff and the defendant are.

These categories will adjust the core value of the accident claim from the low value to the premium value.  The resulting value will become the BASE value that you will use to negotiate with the insurance company.  Your settlement demand should be 2-3 times the BASE value plus the property damage.

Getting Legal Help

Obtaining a fair settlement in an automobile accident requires the ability to interpret and evaluate many tangible and intangible factors.  An experienced and qualified personal injury lawyer has the knowledge and experience to evaluate your case and all of its factors in order to determine and obtain the fair settlement you deserve.