Before You Hire a Car Accident Lawyer

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A good car accident lawyer is indispensable if you are dealing with the trauma of a car accident. If you have recently been injured in a car accident there are several things you must do before you make the decision to hire an attorney to help you with your case.

Medical Attention and Documentation

It may seem like obvious advice but you should be evaluated by a medical professional. Some people feel as if they can shake the injury off but there may be internal injuries that you do not know about. Sometimes injuries that seem minor at first can actually mushroom to more severe or serious ones and incapacitate you over time. Getting a documented medical opinion regarding your injuries immediately after the accident will increase your chances of receiving compensation for your injuries should they prove to be severe.

Witnesses and Insurance Information

Talk to the other parties involved in the accident and get information regarding insurance and contacts. Be sure to provide yours. See if you can find witnesses who will testify as to what happened.

Call the Police

You should also report the incident to the police. The police can document the incident when the memories of everyone involved are still fresh which can be useful to you in the event the accident results in litigation.

Start Looking for Local Attorneys

Do research on local car accident lawyers to represent you. In order to find a good car accident lawyer you should investigate a variety of candidates for their experience and expertise. When you consult with a potential candidate you should ask them a series of questions about car accident law the specifics of your case and what kind of a car accident lawyer they are. You want someone with experience with car accident law and a success rate in cases similar to yours.

Do They Have Experience?

Find out what percentage of the cases handled by your attorney’s cases deal with car accidents. Your car accident lawyer should explain the law to you regarding your case and the likelihood that you will receive compensation. Though you should find out what the potential settlement will be in your situation remember that no decent car accident lawyer will ever promise that they will win your case; he or she should only outline possibilities. You should also discuss legal fees with your lawyer. It is common for attorneys who specialize in car accidents to work on contingency which means the client only pays if a settlement is reached but make sure you clarify with them what their policy is. They should be able to easily explain their retainer structure.

There are other considerations for you as a potential plaintiff in a car accident case. For instance you should find out if your car accident lawyer will help you reclaim damages to your car in addition to compensation for your medical injuries.

Be sure to hire a car accident lawyer early on especially if you know you will need one. Your attorney will have time to do his or her own investigation of the incident and can help guide you through the legal process.

From the author: The Ledger Law Firm