Car and Bicycle Accidents: Legal Issues

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Bicycle injuries that result from an accident with a vehicle can result in complicated legal issues. There are many things to consider it you were involved in such an accident. It is important to document all details possible and it is a good idea to get the help of a qualified legal professional.

What To Do

There are some things you may not know about accidents that you should. If you can, try to do the following:

  • Try contacting the police and having them come to the scene of the accident if possible. A police report can provide invaluable evidence in an accident case. While insurance companies and courts of law are generally the ones that decide issues of fault, the statements in a police report and whether an officer issues a ticket to either party can provide considerable evidence that will assist a trier of fact or an insurance agent in making the decision about fault.
  • Do not make any admissions at the scene of the accident. While you may be shaken up by what has happened, it is advisable that you do not make any statements about fault because fault is a complicated legal issue and an statements may later be used against you.
  • Get the contact information of anyone involved in the accident and any passengers or other witnesses. Don't just get a number either, get full names and as much other information as possible. You don't want to have to work too hard to hunt down you witnesses later.
  • Document the accident from your perspective as soon afterward as possible. You can either type something up, or ask a friend to type it as you recount the details.
  • Seek medical help if you feel injured in any way shape or form, and make sure to retain the evidence of your injuries after you get a prognosis.
  • Talk to an accident attorney about your case to find out your rights, strengths and weaknesses in your case and next potential steps to take.

Getting Legal Advice

An experienced accident or personal injury attorney should be able to assess your case and give you advice about what your next steps should be. Because the time after an accident is so often stressful and difficult to navigate, letting a legal professional take care of the details can provide great relief.