What Determines Your Compensation in Your Personal Injury Case?

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You may want to determine what your personal injury case value is before you are searching to employ a car wreck lawyer to represent your case to the insurer. This is often a crucial question because sometimes insurance adjusters call you after the accident and offer you money for settlement of claims. You might need to assess whether you would be able to gain more by filing compensation and insurance claims or by simply accepting the money from insurance adjusters in such scenarios.

Keep in mind that you must invest money in lawyer payment and other expenditures to file a compensations lawsuit. If you suppose that your troubles are worth more than what the insurance company is offer, you should decide on a personal injury lawyer because remember, insurance companies intends to give you as little as possible. The factors that determine the eligibility of your compensation claim in earning you financial compensation are discussed in this article.

Whose Fault Is It?

It is necessary that you resolve beforehand whose fault the accident is since the state of Texas follows the proportional comparative fault 51% rule. You could really use the help of a personal injury lawyer in this case since determining the fault could be tricky business. The insurance adjusters determine the proportion of faults and if the adjusters determine your fault to be at 51% or more than you would not be able to receive any compensation for your claims. In such cases, the personal injury lawyer can help you by negotiating with the insurance adjuster to determine your proportion of fault.

The Witnesses and Evidences

The evidences of a personal injury case are critical factors in determining the eligibility of your case. If you have enough evidences and witnesses in your favor , then your vehicle accident lawyer  will be able to estimate how much your compensation claim and insurance policy is worth together. You should fairly document your evidences and arrange them properly to get an assessment of the total worth of your case. All the insurance policy documents, police records, medical records and photographic evidences together will determine the value of your case.

The Lawyer Fees

While you are calculating the money in a personal injury case, keep in mind that you also need to pay the lawyer fees. Although some lawyers charge a contingency fee, which means that you pay the lawyer only after the case is won, you must be aware of the percentage of the money you are about to pay the lawyer.