Legal Complications in a Traffic Accident

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A traffic accident is one of the most disruptive and disturbing things a person can deal with in life. Since it is likely you will be involved in at least one traffic accident in your lifetime, if not more, you should be prepared with the basic knowledge of how to deal with an accident at the time it occurs and thereafter.

Accident Complications

When accidents happen, some of them can be pretty straight forward and easy to manage, while others can be complicated. Here are just a few complicated accident scenarios you may encounter:

  • Hit and run accidents are complicated because you do not have the luxury of another person's insurance paying for damages and injuries (unless you are able to track down the wrongdoer).
  • Uninsured motorist accidents can be complicated depending on what your insurance covers and the extent of damages.
  • Multiple vehicle accidents can be challenging because of issues of fault, extent of damages and the insurance of each party.
  • When witnesses tell different accounts of the same accident, it can be difficult to establish fault and that makes it difficult to determine who pays whom for injuries and other damages.
  • Preexisting injuries that are exacerbated by a new accident can be problematic because it is often difficult to determine what damages should be attributed to the recent accident as opposed to how much of the condition already existed. In most cases, the injured party is entitled to damages regardless of the condition existing prior to the accident as long as it can be established that the accident resulted in further damages.
  • Drunk driving can create complexity in an accident case because it generally calls into play criminal law as well as civil law. Whether or not the drunk driver was at fault in an accident, he or she may be required to pay damages as a result of being drunk behind the wheel.

Getting Legal Advice

If you were involved in an auto accident and feel that you are entitled to compensation or are concerned that you may be sued, it is a good idea to discuss your case with an experienced attorney right away. An attorney can help you manage your claim, talk to your insurance or to the other party involved. An attorney will be your advocate, making it easier to get results in your case.