Questions to Expect in a Car Accident Deposition

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You may be familiar with the term “deposition” as it relates to giving statements regarding criminal acts or in divorce proceedings. However, depositions may also be given in auto accident cases. If you have hired an auto accident lawyer following an accident in which you were involved, you may be asked to give a deposition about the accident. There are certain questions commonly asked in car accident depositions. Though your attorney will fully prepare you for your deposition, here are some questions to expect.

Personal Questions and Background History

The deposer will ask you questions about your personal history and background. If you are a private person, you may be uncomfortable with some of these questions; however, the opposing counsel has their reasons for asking these questions. You may be asked about:

  • Where you have lived
  • Educational level
  • Jobs you have held
  • Family history
  • Medical history
  • Criminal background, if any
  • Any legal history (past lawsuits you filed or were the defendant in)

Questions about the Accident

Both “sides” must get an accurate picture of what happened the day of the accident. While you may have told this story time and again, you must tell it with 100% accuracy the day of your deposition. No detail can be left out. The deposer may ask:

  • Where you were coming from, where you were headed and what you did in between
  • What you had been doing prior to the accident
  • Who you were with and who was in the car
  • The condition of your car prior to the accident (was it running well, were there dents, problems with brakes or steering, etc.)

Questions about Your Injuries

The lawyer asking you questions may even try to trip you up here by asking about very specific details in the hopes of making it appear as though you’re not as “injured” as you say you are. Here are some topics that may be touched on:

  • Details about the doctors you saw (who treated you for what and when)
  • Details about your specific injuries
  • How are you feeling now?
  • If you are claiming permanent injuries, what can you no longer do? How has your life been affected?

If you have been injured in an auto accident and must give a deposition you must be prepared. Not being prepared could lead to you not getting the compensation you were due.