Why You Should Not Ignore an Injury from a Car Accident

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A car accident injury should be immediately treated. Regardless of the severity of the injury, leaving it untreated could hinder or impede your ability to obtain compensation from the responsible party. Below is an explanation of the possible repercussions of ignoring an injury from a car accident.

You Could Make It Worse

While of course making your injury worse means that you will be in pain and injured for a longer period of time, it could also reduce the amount of compensation you receive. Most courts, and in turn most insurance companies, consider the injured party’s fault when valuing the injury. If the injured party contributed to the accident that caused the injury or made the injury worse than it should be, the amount of compensation awarded will be reduced by the percentage of his fault.

You Could be Permanently Injured

The worst scenario for ignoring an auto accident injury is that you will become permanently injured. Leaving a disability or injury untreated can sometimes lead to it not being fixable after a period of time. Here again, ignoring an injury means that you made it worse. Insurance companies and courts will not be willing to award damages for a permanent disability if the permanence was caused by the injured party’s inaction.

Lack of Documentation of Claim

At the very least, ignoring an auto accident injury means that your pain, suffering and other medical issues are undocumented by a physician. Physician records are the backbone of any viable auto accident injury claim; without them it is very likely that the claim will fail. Lacking documentation of your injury could also mean that you will not be compensation with as much money as you need for your injury, merely because there is no evidence of your need.

Lack of Connection between Accident and Claim

Ignoring an injury from an auto accident breaks the chain of causation between the two. The essential element that every injured party must prove in a claim or lawsuit is that the accident caused the injury. The longer the amount of time between the accident and a party seeking medical treatment, the more tenuous the connection between the two becomes. This could potentially lead to a court or insurance company arguing that there is no evidence that the accident caused the injury and denying the claim.

Getting Legal Help

If you have been injured in a car accident, seek legal representation immediately after you obtain medical treatment. A lawyer will advise you about the procedure to best document your injury and its treatment.