Airbag Injuries in a Car Accident: Liability and Compensation

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Air bags sometimes cause injuries even though they are put into vehicles to help protect people from injury. The injury sustained from going through a windshield is likely to be more severe than the one caused by an air bag, or so the manufacturers presume. That is not the case in all accidents though.


Liability in airbag injury accident cases is often difficult to ascertain. A number of parties can be named as defendants in such a case. For example, the party who caused the accident can be at fault, but liability may also be placed on the manufacturer of the airbags or the vehicle or other parts for that matter. It really depends on the specific facts of a case who will be named in a particular lawsuit. An attorney will help you figure out the correct party or parties to sue. It is best to contact an attorney at the outset because the statute of limitations in injury accident cases is generally only a few years, though it may vary according to cases and jurisdictions.


While many lives are saved annually because of the installation of airbags in new vehicles, there are lives lost by the same devices, and many injuries every year.

Compensation for an injury caused by an airbag deploying during an accident or for some other reason generally happens in the form of either an insurance claim settlement, a court award or a settlement prior to trial in a civil action. How much the compensation will be in a case depends on a number of factors including, but not limited to, the extent of the injuries, the cause of the accident, whether or not instructions were followed in operating the vehicle and other factors.

While each case is different, an attorney can often give you a good idea of what you can expect in terms of compensation for a particular injury case. Call an attorney today to find out about a consultation.

Getting Legal Advice

If you were involved in an accident that resulted in injuries because of an airbag, you may benefit from having a conversation with a lawyer about your rights to sue. Because the accident case that involves airbag injuries is complicated and can include multiple defendants, it is wise to get the advice of an experienced accident attorney at the outset of your injury claim.