California Car Accident Injury Laws

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Many Californians are not aware of the various car accident injury laws that exist in their state. These laws are in place to protect those individuals who have been injured. There are two main car accident injury laws that all California citizens should be aware of. 

The California Car Crash Law

Any person who is injured in a California car crash is entitled to file a lawsuit or a claim in order to recover any and all expenses that are related to medical costs and damage done to property. These expenditures are considered actual damages. Any lost wages or the loss of earning ability are known as actual damages. California citizens injured in a car accident may also file a lawsuit or claim for their emotional and physical pain and suffering.

California’s Insurance Coverage Law

California has a strict insurance coverage law, which states that anyone driving a vehicle has to prove that they are able to pay for any damage or injury to another person that is the result of operating and/or owning a motor vehicle. The state requires drivers to carry liability insurance with a statutory minimum of $15,000 for any one accident that results in the bodily injury or death of an individual, $30,000 for all the people involved in any single accident, and $5000 for the property damaged in any single accident.

California law does not require any type of comprehensive coverage except for collision. Coverage for collision, an uninsured motorist, and medical costs are not required. If the driver or vehicle owner does not have insurance, they must have an alternative method to pay for any injury or property damage they cause. This method must be approved by the state.

Getting Legal Help

If you need legal help or advice concerning California car accident injury laws, there are many seasoned California auto accident attorneys who would be happy to assist you.