Car Accident Back Pain

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Many injuries that stem from involvement in car accidents result in serious, and in some cases, permanent, back pain.  Some common types of injuries that occur in the context of car accidents and can cause back pain include car accident back injuries, car accident pain, car accident whiplash, and car accident neck pain.  Although the duration and extent of treatment for car accident back pain varies, determining liability for car accidents is essential to obtaining compensation for the costs of such injuries. 

Car Accident Back Pain and Injury Discovery

The sudden and unexpected jolt that occurs in many car accidents often results in back pain or back injuries to those parties occupying the vehicles involved.  This jolt can cause a number of kinds of car accident back injuries, including whiplash, a situation in which your head is violently hurled backward and forward due to the impact of the accident, thus causing neck injury and pain, which may radiate to the shoulders, arms, and back.  Other common injuries include slipped and/or herniated discs in the back, spinal misalignment, and the tearing of muscles, tendons, and ligaments in or near the back area. 

Treatment of Car Accident Back Pain

Treatment of car accident back pain will vary according to the severity and nature of the injury.  Some car accident victims need only short-term, temporary treatment, which can involve pain medication, injections for inflammation, and even some type of physical therapy.  Other victims, however, may need back surgery and/or extensive physical therapy over a longer period of time. 

Getting Advice from a Personal Injury Lawyer

A personal injury lawyer can help assess a personal injury case and determine the best course of action to receive compensation for back injuries.  As back injuries and pain are injuries that may be hard to substantiate through medical documentation, and are often difficult to treat, proving the extent of a person’s injuries can be complex.  A personal injury lawyer who is experienced in cases involving back pain and injuries will be skilled in presenting the most powerful information available about your injuries, by using the testimony of leading medical experts, in order to help you obtain the settlement that you deserve.  Moreover, if you are unable to obtain a fair settlement in your case, a personal injury lawyer can initiate a lawsuit, and use evidence of your injuries, along with the testimony of experts, in order to validate your claim for damages.