Car Accident Whiplash Injury: Compensation Available

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Even in the tiniest of fender benders, a car accident whiplash claim can result. While this is a very common auto-accident related injury, it is one of the most difficult to prove for settlement reasons. There are steps victims can take to ensure they get the compensation they are entitled to. Getting medical attention, corroborative tests and even legal guidance can all prove vital.

About Whiplash

A car accident whiplash claim can occur as a result of a number of different accident types. A rear-end collision, however, is the most common to produce this injury.

Whiplashes involve damage to the soft tissue in the area of the neck. This type of injury occurs when the head is trust forward and back quickly, such as the motion that happens in a rear-end collision.

Seeking medical attention for this often painful injury is important not only for treatment, but also to establish a claim. Since this type of injury isn’t as visible as others related to crashes, medical reports can be especially important.

A whiplash injury can cause pain and discomfort for weeks following a crash. In some cases, the injury can produce symptoms that last permanently. Consequently, a prognosis report can also be important for a claim.

Testing Can Prove the Claim

While proving a car accident whiplash claim can be trickier than claiming a broken bone, there are tests that can reveal the damage. Doctors who wish to see the extent of tissue damage related to a whiplash may order such tests as:

  • CT scans – This type of test can show damage to both bones and soft tissue.
  • MRI – This test uses radio waves and a magnetic field to produce detailed images of soft tissues within the body. This is considered one of the best tests for showing damage related to a whiplash.

Submitting to such tests is often necessary to prove a car accident whiplash claim to an insurance company adjuster.

Document Everything

When a car accident whiplash claim is at issue, making sure to collect proper documentation for the insurance company is a must. Make sure to get copies of all medical reports, testing results and prognosis reports.

Consider Getting Legal Assistance

Obtaining legal advice for a car accident whiplash claim can be very beneficial for those seeking a settlement. A licensed attorney will be able to negotiate with an insurance company on behalf of a client and will know what it takes to successfully prove a claim.