Chest Pain After a Car Accident

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If you experience any type of chest pain following a car accident, whether it be car accident abdominal pain, car accident lung pain, car accident heart pain, or a car accident seatbelt injury, you should be sure to have a medical doctor thoroughly examine you in order to properly treat your injuries.  If you have suffered chest-related injuries in a car accident due to another’s negligent actions, that other person may be liable for the costs of any treatment that you receive, as well as other types of damages. (See also Document Chest Pain for a Car Accident Injury Claim). 

Abdominal Pain After a Car Accident

Car accident abdominal pain can stem from a number of internal injuries, including broken ribs, internal bleeding, damage to internal organs such as the kidneys or liver, a ruptured spleen, or a ruptured abdominal aorta.  All of these injuries have potentially serious consequences for the injured person, and all require at least some degree of medical treatment. 

Lung Pain After a Car Accident

Another common injury involves car accident lung pain.  Pneumothorax can occur when the lung membrane is punctured, which, in the context of a car accident, usually happens due to a broken rib.  This condition can lead to lung collapse and other serious and even fatal conditions if left untreated.

Heart Pain After a Car Accident

In cases of extreme impact as might occur in the context of a car accident, damage can occur to an accident victim’s heart, which can be serious and even fatal.  Therefore, it is essential that any chest pains following a car accident be investigated in order to rule out damage to the heart.

Car Accident-Related Seatbelt Injuries

While seatbelts are a major factor in preventing head and brain injuries caused by an accident victim hitting the steering wheel or windshield, seatbelts can also cause certain types of injuries, although they are usually not as serious as a head injury.  The automatic tightening of a seatbelt across a driver or passenger’s chest at the point of impact during a car accident can cause bruising and trauma to the chest.  (Learn more about seat belt injury claims.)

Contacting a Lawyer for Assistance

If you are the victim of a car accident that has left you with chest pain and related injuries, you should be sure to contact an experienced personal injury attorney for assistance.  If the negligence of another caused your injuries, that party may be responsible for compensating you for your injuries through a personal injury lawsuit.