Getting More Than the Average Settlement for a Car Accident

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The average settlement for a car accident can depend entirely on the adjuster that is handling your claim, for each individual adjuster is going to view your claim a bit differently. However, there are several ways you can get more than what the average figure is when you settle your claim.

How Badly Were You and Your Vehicle Injured?

Did you know that choosing the right form of therapy for your injuries could put more money in your pocket? Certain therapies are worth more than others as far as insurance adjusters are concerned, and if the therapy you need is one of the ones that insurance companies feel is worth a higher amount, that means a little more money in your claim settlement check. Another aspect of your claim that will make an insurance adjuster sit up and take notice is the severity of the damage to your vehicle. If the impact was great, then any injuries you suffered will be that much more believable to the insurance adjuster assigned to your claim.

Document Everything!

Another method that those who were involved in car accidents have used successfully is documentation. If you were injured in the accident, then hospital and doctor records will reveal the extent of those injuries, and many of their notes will be based upon what you tell them about your pain and suffering. Keeping a journal of how your car accident has changed your life because you can no longer follow your daily routine will help an insurance claim adjuster better understand what you are going through. This information may well add more money to your settlement.

Negotiation Skills Are a Plus

How are your skills at negotiation? You will need good ones if you expect to attempt to negotiate with an insurance claims adjuster. These people receive training that includes the best and most effective methods for putting pressure on people to accept a settlement before they are ready. They also seem to derive some sort of satisfaction out of seeing how many times they can sense your frustration during the course of one telephone call. Yes, the insurance companies are in business to settle claims for their customers, but they prefer to do this on their time schedule, not the customer’s. They want you to settle for less than your claim is worth, because it keeps money in the coffers of their company.

An Attorney Can Help You

One way for consumers to step out of the negotiation game is to seek legal counsel. When dealing with an auto insurance company, you should always make it a practice to consult a good attorney, for good attorneys know all of the tricks of the insurance trade.