How much should I get for back injuries after being rear ended?

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Back injuries are common in cases where individuals are rear-ended. Unfortunately, there is not a common or fixed settlement amount that can be quoted to those who are injured. To be fairly compensated, each victim needs to have his or her case analyzed individually. Numerous factors will be used to determine a fair and just settlement amount for your car accident injury claim.

Medical Bills

There are many types of back injuries. To even begin calculating the value of your settlement, the type and severity of your injury must be considered. Your compensation should cover your medical expenses, including treatment, medication and any therapy you require.

Other Expenses

Other expenses that may affect your settlement include pain and suffering and lost wages. Depending on the cause of the accident, you may even be eligible for punitive damages. This is money that would be awarded to you as a means to punish the individual who injured you.

Legal Representation

Your settlement will also be impacted by the skill with which your case is handled. Most people are not qualified to litigate car accident injury claims and negotiate with insurance companies. The more serious the injury, the less likely it is that an unrepresented person will received the requested settlement amount.

If you were rear-ended and suffered a back injury, do not underestimate the importance of legal representation. Before you file a car accident injury claim, consult with a personal injury attorney.