Injured in a Car Accident and You Do Not Have Health Insurance?

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I get a lot of clients who have been injured in car accidents but who do not have health insurance.  Most of them are driven to the emergency room in an ambulance, then released after an initial round of treatment at the E.R.  Shortly after that, they receive a bill from the ambulance company and one from the emergency room.  Together they are usually close to $5,000.  They still need healthcare, but have no health insurance and at this point they are so scared of large medical bills that they bypass necessary medical treatment.  So what should they do?

1. Talk to Involved Insurance Companies about "Med-Pay"

Call the insurance companies (both your insurer and the other driver’s insurer) and see whether they have “med-pay” coverage.  This will usually cover medical bills of injured parties, up to $5,000.

2. Talk to an Injury Attorney

Call an experienced personal injury attorney.  They can often help you find a doctor who is willing to treat you now and get paid later.  This is called treating on a lien, and the doctor gets paid if and when you win your case.

3. Go to the Emergency Room If Necessary

If you are really in pain, or if you really need help, and you cannot find an attorney to help, forget the money and just take yourself to the emergency room.  That is not a great option, but it is an option and if you need health care, you need healthcare.

If you retain an attorney to help you, he or she may ask you to sign a lien document.  Similarly, a doctor who treats on a lien will also want you to sign a lien document.  Your attorney should explain both of them to you in great detail and make sure that you understand anything you are signing.