Types of Injuries Sustained in a Car Accident

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Serious injuries in a car accident are often caused by the negligence of others.  These types of injuries may include injuries to the neck, back, and head and result in high expenses for medical attention.  In many cases ongoing medical treatment and additional surgeries are required which can make a significant effect on the family of an injured family member due to loss of income and medical bills.

In the United States, car accidents are the leading cause of death for individuals age 2 and 34, and they are one of the most common causes of personal injury for all ages. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) reports that approximately 6 million auto accidents occur each year in the United States, and although not all end in injury or death, a great number of them do.  According to the NHTSA, approximately 2.6 million passenger vehicle occupants are injured each year in traffic accidents, accounting for 95 percent of all injury-causing accidents on the roads.

Car accident injuries range from minor abrasions, scrapes, and bruises, and broken bones, to catastrophic personal injuries to the internal organs, brain, or spinal cord that can have life-changing effects.

The most common types of injuries resulting from a car accident include:

Spinal Cord Injuries

One of the leading causes of spinal cord injuries are auto accidents.  In auto accidents spinal cord injuries are mostly caused by excessive pressure, lacerations, and bruising involving the spinal cord.  Spinal cord injuries can often change the life of a person, including paralysis and/or loss of muscle function in various areas of the body.  Their quality of life is also effected and rehabilitation, hospital, medication, and therapy can be excessive in cost.  If you or a loved one has been involved in an accident and suffered spinal cord injury contact our office today for a free legal consultation.  Our attorneys will help you obtain the compensation needed.

Traumatic Brain Injury

Car accidents are also a leading cause of traumatic brain injury.  TBI's are often caused by serious whiplash or a persons head hitting the inside of the vehicle during an accident.  Symptoms from TBI include; memory loss, loss of consciousness, headaches, vomiting, dizziness, loss of smell, speech problems, blurred vision, depression, and anxiety.  Treatment can be lifelong for TBI patients and the financial burden can be hard on both the victims and families.  If you are a victim of a TBI caused by an auto accident contact an attorney today to help you seek the compensation and help you deserve.

Internal Injuries

Internal injuries caused by an auto accident may include injuries to the liver, spleen, kidneys, intestine, lungs, or heart.  These types of serious injuries often require extensive surgery and may lead to lifelong disability.  If you or a loved one has internal injuries because of another persons negligence contact our attorneys today for a free legal consultation.  Our attorneys will help you seek the compensation you deserve and you can be sure that your accident will not affect the rest of your life.

Injuries caused by an auto accident can lead to life long symptoms of aches and pains in they are not properly treated.  Treatment is important and the only way to insure that you heal from the accident and can continue to live your life without any life long affects of the accident.  Delaying treatment or ignoring symptoms of pain can do serious harm to your body.  It is important to seek an car accident attorney to help you seek the compensation you deserve for your medical bills and pain and suffering.